What do you recommend for finishing your wooden items?

We have tried many oils and finishes over the years.  Ranging from olive oil, walnut oil and different wax.  We find that quick drying tung oil is best for use on our handmade wooden items.  This oil is made from the seeds of the Tung nut.

How do you apply the tung oil?

The best way we have found is to pour a generous amount of the tung oil on to a clean piece of folded kitchen towel paper.  Then rub the cloth over the wooden item.  You will be amazed at this first application.  We like to call it ‘seeing the wood pop’.  Basically whatever beauty is in the wood, bursts out when applying the tung oil.

Where can I get the tung oil?

Most good hardware shops or timber merchants should stock tung oil.  You can buy it online if preferred.