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Schools & Education Bushcraft Workshops

Join our Lead Bushcraft Instructor, Greg Power for a Schools & Education Bushcraft Workshop or programme of lessons in the beautiful Somerset and Wiltshire woodland. We can either run a one off session such as a bushcraft taster day in the woods or we can provide a bespoke tailor made programme of activities to suit your educational needs which can be run over a specified period of time. 

As an example a day of bushcraft activities will focus on the four areas of shelter, fire, water and foraging in stunning woodland in Somerset and Wiltshire or we can bring our course to you providing we have the land owners permission to use the woodland. Our Schools & Education Bushcraft Workshop has been designed to spark your interest in the glorious British countryside. It will give a taster in to how you can explore it further and do so comfortably. 

We believe in helping children and young adults to get outdoors and encourage them to enjoy the nature around them.  On our courses we talk about flora and fauna, share our expert bushcraft skills and knowledge, along with interesting historical facts and folklore snippets to inspire our budding students.  

Greg has been involved in education for over ten years and has a Life Long Learning Sector qualification to enable him to share his skills with others. Greg qualified as a Bushcraft Instructor in 2005. Since then he has run his own team building and bespoke courses in the tranquility of the woods, sharing his passion for the woods with adults and children alike.

Greg runs all of his bushcraft courses and workshops at a gentle pace so that everyone in the group is involved. Whether this is collecting wood, learning safe cutting techniques, fire-lighting, foraging in the hedgerows, preparing and cooking fish or game, building camps or whittling a spoon, all of these make for an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Greg always has a good ratio of instructors to attendees on his bushcraft courses, all of whom are First Aid trained. All courses are covered by our public liability insurance. 

We can tailor the Schools & Education Workshop contents and length to the age and ability of the participants. Drop Greg an email or give him a call to discuss your requirements. We run our Schools & Education Bushcraft Workshops and courses in Somerset and Wiltshire but are happy to consider bushcraft courses further afield. 

Call Greg on 07931 834650 or email to info@handmadeinblighty.com for more information or a free no obligation quotation.


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